I advise on and create practical applications for generative AI.

I build elegant solutions which play nice with complex processes, legacy systems, and established teams.

I also ask questions, like “is this something software can fix?” and “is AI the right tool?” and “what happens if we succeed?

A recent project:

The Woof Book

A curated encyclopedia of dog breeds.

Built with MidJourney, ChatGPT, and custom tools to enable tens of thousands of generated examples.

Success was measured in nods and grins upon a stranger seeing their dog’s breed.

Eliminate low-value tedium

LLMs can parse, extract, summarise, and create. Competently, in seconds, repeatedly, all day.

They can automate the mundane, freeing up time and imagination for unique, high-value, admirable work.

Some examples of how:

Generates custom, complex product pages at scale. Uses the ChatGPT API.

Creates effortless first drafts for a decent copywriter (or good enough final drafts for a busy one).

A product introduction, explanation, one more section (based on the likeliest customer query), and five FAQs. Written in a friendly tone for a well-educated audience.

  • inputsA list of X product names
  • outputsX product pages
  • AfterExport all products to CSV